Hair Products For Men

Men’s hair is as varied in its thickness, thinness as women’s hair. It gets dry or oily and tangly or has split ends too. Women are fortunate that they have such a range of choices when it comes to shampoo, conditioners and styling products. Men are not so lucky and the choices are limited if they don’t want to dip into the women’s range. Often the only difference between men’s and women’s products is that women’s products are often scented with floral or fruit fragrances.

Understandably these scents may not sit so well with aftershave or cologne and men prefer something unscented or a scent that will work with other scents being applied. It doesn’t seem a great deal to ask and I would assume that there are plenty of women who prefer a neutral or unscented product for the same reason. There probably is a market but often the unscented products are those that are organic and packaged and marketed in a gender neutral way. 

Men’s products are often black or blue packaging for some reason and the range is limited with nowhere near the variety of choice especially in shampoo for different hair types. I found a nice selection of men’s products in smart white packaging and with good labelling on the Menscience website. This company has been around about ten years and has grown from a few products for shaving rashes and ingrown hair to a full range of products for acne treatment, shaving, sports nutrition and anti-aging.

As far as hair colouring goes, men have few options. Older greying men can use the “Just For Men” range which is designed to cover grey hair rather than give you a new colour. After searching without success I assume that men who want to colour their hair are either going to the best beauty salon Essendon or are using women’s hair colouring products.

Styling products are just as scarce for men, although there are far more gender neutral products available on the supermarket shelves. The traditionally “men’s” product, Brylcreem, is still on the market after being introduced first in 1928. Brylcreem is a natural pomade, like a wax but as well as holding the hair in a style it also gives the hair a shine finish. Brylcreem was the model for the waxes and pomades that have followed over the years being made of water, beeswax and mineral oil. There is a wide variation between manufacturers in the holding quality and the shine in modern waxes. It is a matter of personal choice as to the product you use but it is worth trying a few different brands to see what suits your hair and the way you use the wax. Waxes can cause product build up on the scalp and hair and this can cause a skin irritation.

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