The Disfiguring Effects Of Chemotherapy

The medical treatment for cancer usually comprises of chemotherapy, which can be painful and fatiguing to those who undergo this kind of treatment. One of the side effects of this damaging treatment is the hair loss that occurs. The healthy cells that form the hair follicles are damaged in the chemotherapy process which targets the cancer cells but damages healthy cells as well. The drugs that are used in the chemical treatment leads to hair loss all over the body as well.

The drug effects

There are different classes of drugs that are used in chemotherapy which include doxorubicins. This class of drugs is known to affect all kinds of body hair which include hair on the scalp as well as mink eyelash extensions or eyebrows. The chemical drugs start showing their effects soon after the treatment starts. Though hair loss is a nominal side effect of this kind of treatment, it often adds to the trauma as physical appearance changes. For that reason one might resort to hair wigs to maintain their appearance.

Mane effects

The cancer treatment that many people undergo results in several side effects on the thickness and health of the mane. The chemotherapy treatment is damaging to the hair follicles and it not only results in hair loss, but also results in wispy and thin mane growth after the loss. Certain drugs might result in the total mane loss while others have varying effects on the mane health of patients undergoing treatment due to which many resorts to hair wigs.

The type of fall outs

Hair falls which occurs due to chemotherapy takes on different stages and forms. For instance, the fall of mane can be sudden and take place in the form of large clumps. In patients who are receiving large doses of this treatment will see the fall occur rapidly as compared to those who are undergoing small chemotherapy doses. Aggressive doses of the chemical drugs will result in large clumps of hair loss.

Benefits of artificial products

It is a traumatic phase of anyone’s life who are undergoing treatment for their oncology

condition. When hair loss occurs, this adds to the effects as it changes the appearance of an individual. The looks of an individual are important for one’s self esteem and confidence. Opting for artificial wigs and extensions can help a suffering individual to gain a beautiful look that can help them sustain their sense of self beauty. It is necessary to look and feel beautiful and normal, which can help to speed up the healing process while going through a damaging and difficult treatment like chemotherapy. Many specialists and cosmetic brands offer special wigs and hair products for chemotherapy patients. It is easy to find the products online as well, which can be purchased and obtained at one’s doorstep.

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