The Magic Behind Treating You Hair

Image is everything. In fact it doesn’t come any close to my imagination that even the strongest believers in: don’t judge a book by it covers; will not agree that appearance has power. People will make either positive or negative conclusions about your life depending on your look. That conclusively leads to the hypothesis that your appearance is your first certificate. It is called the “halo effect”. From your clothes to your hair, shoes and other accessories, you simply have to be at your best. Some researchers believe that good looking people have an upper hand in job interviews and general job carriers, they claim that good looking people tend to earn higher and climb ranks faster in their employment.

To that end, I have ideas on how you can create a makeover of your hair to achieve a top-notch look. Your hair might be cute, but it barely touches your shoulders. Let that not bother you because a one day visit to a hair extensions salon will give you the strong look associated with long hair. Incorporating artificial or natural hair into your own hair will have you too experience the fun and feel of long hair.

Extensions are not painful. Although it is important to set up extensions in match with the length of your hair, long hair is able to sustain the weight of along and lengthy extension. Extension can be woven, glued, braided or just clipped to your hair. Some new methods e.g. the thermo plastique method is gentle and allows the extension to be removed without causing damage to your natural hair. It also gives a more natural look since the micro bonding points are barely visible. Older methods like gluing can cause immense damage to your hair during removal. Sewing can be too heavy on you head. Some extensions e.g. hair dreams are extremely advantageous for the hair can be reapplied after removal; this avoids the cost that would have been incurred in purchasing new hair.

Choosing the method and how to treat your hair can be tricky and stressful. However, this can be the made enjoyable if only you master exactly what to do. Whatever your style of preference is, whether complex or simple, expensive or cheap; the greatest leap toward getting the best hair do is to have a talented hair stylist at your disposal. Getting a new stylist need a little carefulness in choice. You need to make sure your new stylist is experienced, a stylist who will give the optimum reward for your cash. Apart from using hair extensions, your stylist can use keratin treatment to give you an admirable hair-do.

Keratin treatment comes in many brands and names but the basic principle is the same. An example is Brazilian hair treatment where a keratin straightening product is applied to you hair and it is sealed by the heat of a flat iron. It is meant to smoothen and straighten your hair. Many other forms of hair treatments exist but the above are the most notable ones that will give your hair an unrivaled beautiful touch. Your health though should be a priority to beauty, many health concerns have been raised due to presence of hazardous chemicals in beauty products. It doesn’t cost too much to seek the advice of doctors with regard to some controversial products.

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