The War Of Beauty And Maintaining It

Natural beauty is not something all of us can claim we are blessed with. Although when people keep staring at themselves in the mirror all day it won’t be long before even some of them who are beautiful start finding faults in themselves. Because the longer you keep looking at something the more flaws you are going to see in it and the beauty keeps diminishing. There was a time when people used to use natural ingredients to make their hair grow thicker and exercise was the way for you to stay in shape. But now more and more people are starting to opt for plastic surgery as a means of making themselves beautiful and then maintaining the beauty.

The trends in town

Although there was a time when people feared the term plastic surgery because there were so many stories about such surgeries gone wrong and ruining the lives of people. With advancement in technology and medicine these surgeries are gaining their popularity once again. And facial reconstruction heads the list of these surgeries followed by breast reconstruction surgery. And although these surgeries mainly concentrated on using chemical fillers, injection of artificial substances and silicone breast implants, the newest development in this trade is to use the natural fat in an individual’s body and use the fat transfer method to remove it from one area of the body and inject it to a different area of the body. What the surgeons do is harvest a tiny amount of unwanted fat from say the belly of an individual and inject this into other areas of the body for example the face to lift and rejuvenate these areas.

Fat transfer to breasts is also becoming an increasingly popular procedure that is being done using this natural substance. While some people are only looking to remove fat from their body and get rid of it completely other people are trying to remove it from one place and transfer it to another. These procedures tend to be minimally invasive thereby reducing the risk of such surgeries. And it also ensures that there are faster results with the patient requiring less recovery time. And this trend will only continue to increase what with more and more people hanging onto their phones constantly clicking pictures of themselves and uploading them on social media. And this leads to an increased obsession of they are looking. Because your popularity is determined by the number of likes you get on every picture that you put up. And for some people their whole life and identity is dependent on their social media accounts. And for this reason alone these types of procedures will continue to gain popularity.

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